Our octopus is caught by the traditional method used for decades, with the utmost care and respect for the environment and the marine ecosystem of our coasts.

Natural octopus
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The octopi caught only a few hours earlier arrive alive at our facilities.  Once there, they are delivered to the production process:

  • First, each octopus is eviscerated manually.  This task is performed by the expert hands of our professional staff who have always worked for us.
  • Each octopus is sorted by size according to our technical specifications. Please refer to the technical specifications.
  • Once sorted and placed in trays for quick freezing, they are transferred to the freezing tunnel, where they will remain until a temperature of  -35º  Celsius is reached. This process takes approximately 8 hours. It is then packaged in boxes and stored in our own cold storage chambers.
reef octopus distributor

Only in this way can we guarantee that our product retains all its properties, quality and flavour intact.

All kinds of seafood are caught in this port, including the famous white Huelva shrimp, prawns, cuttlefish, squid, clams and, our specialty, the common octopus (Octopus vulgaris).